Drop-In vs Stand-Alone

Why use a Drop-In instead of a stand-alone clarifier?UniPure’s stand-alone, inclined plate clarifiers range in size 35 square feet of projected effective settling area to 3150 square feet. Units larger than 3150 square feet cannot be transported and will have to be built on-site.

Lead times are always a pressure point for new equipment. UniPure’s minimum lead time to fabricate a 250 gpm clarifier is six weeks. Units larger than 400 gpm will take at least eight weeks to build.

Our stand-alone clarifiers (250 gpm or bigger) will take at least two days to install and require heavy equipment to off-load and set.

If your;

  • schedule can’t afford multi-week fabrication lead times,
  • budget doesn’t include adequate capital for new equipment,
  • project will be completed in less than 24 months,
  • budget doesn’t include construction costs for a concrete pad,
  • management does not want the burden re-selling equipment for peanuts after completion,

then a UniPure Drop-In Clarifier is the better option for your project.


250 gpm UniPure Clarifier being shipped


250 gpm UniPure Clarifier and access platform installed


Plate section of 400+ gpm UniPure Clarifier being shipped


400+ gpm UniPure Clarifier and access platform installed


5500 gpm UniPure Clarifier built on-site