Why use a Drop-In instead of Multiple Frac Tanks?

For decades frac tanks have served as mobile water storage tanks.

A frac tank’s design makes it a useful storage tank but hinders its effectiveness as process equipment.

By combining a UniPure Drop-In with an open top frac tank we;

  • multiply the effective settling area in the tank,
  • control the flow paths thru the tank,
  • direct the settled solids to a desludge pump,
  • give one frac tank the ability to treat at least 250 gpm.

The combination lets a UniPure Drop-In and an open top frac tank do the work of at least four (4) frac tanks and still produces cleaner effluent.

This translates to:

  • fewer truck trips to your site,
  • at least a 75% space savings for solids/liquid separation equipment,
  • at least 75% less interconnecting piping & wiring to install,
  • at least 75% less cleaning during demob.

If time and money are important considerations for your project then using a UniPure Drop-In Clarifier will be the better rental option.


One UniPure Drop-In combined with an open top frac tank equals the treatment capacity of at least four frac tanks

Frac tanks set up in parallel to serve as clarifiers

Frac tanks-parallel-sm
Why use 14 tanks when you only need 3 clarifiers?