Why is a UniPure Drop-In combined with an open top frac tank?


Frac tanks are mobile water storage tanks.  They have been valuable tools for the drilling, refining, mining and construction industries for decades.  A frac tank is easily moved from site to site and its design allows for a long service life.


Its long service life lets rental companies spread the capital cost over many years.  This translates into a reasonable rental rate and a cost effective platform for our Drop-In.


There are a handful of frac tank rental companies located throughout the United States.  All together the rental companies have more than 1,000 open top frac tanks in their inventories.  This gives UniPure the ability to quickly source a frac tank close to your location.

Minimizing Transportation Costs:

Our Drop-In fleet and the huge inventory of frac tanks scattered throughout the United States lets UniPure deliver a rental clarifier to your site economically.


Newer frac tanks have integrated stairs, access platforms and handrails that set-up or fold-down in minutes.  This added protection for your operators may not be offered with other rental options.


A UniPure Drop-In can be combined with any open top frac tank.